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A day of exclusive access to luxury fashion and fine art photography.

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Opulence of Dreams


Frolic with us in fine art decor and fashions redolent of opulent dreams. A photography and styling workshop influenced by texture, color and completely unique design. Inspired by a merging of old European aesthetics sprinkled with modern elements. A new vision of fine art and still life coming together with flowing floral and couture. Drawing from both the old and the new and the dream state where they come together.

Perry Belmont Wedding workshop models in couture gowns.

Meet Your Instructors:

Headshot of Kristin Shockley from Lustre Theory
A portrait of fine art film wedding photographer David Abel holding a camera

David Abel Photography

Lustre Theory

David & Kristy Abel

Kristin Shockley

I'm David. A luxury wedding photographer who has photographed glamorous weddings and editorials throughout the United States and Europe. Beautiful jaw dropping imagery is what I live for. I attract couples who want timeless, beautiful, and emotive images. I do this by blending our editorial style with the heartfelt images of moments with their family and friends.

I've been photographing professionally for over 15 years. I started shooting just out of college after studying fine art. I picked up a camera and fell in love with all aspects of photography. My beginning in fine art allows me to see lighting and composition in a way others may not see and has lead me to choose a medium that is more organic.

Film is what brings my work to life. It is just so magical and captures everything in such a unique way that simply can’t be duplicated. The way it renders movement, it's rich tones, it’s grain, and “imperfections” are what make it so amazing. It allows me to create that stunning imagery for my clients to look back on for generations.

I’m Kristin. A creative director, stylist, content creator and the force behind Lustre Theory. I focus on incredibly detailed and intentional work for upscale commercial styling, editorial production, and the private event world. Helping brands and clients outside of the wedding industry and within.

I created Lustre Theory after working in the corporate world of marketing and design. I wanted more for myself and the creative passion I knew I could bring to others. My design style is unique, bold and bewitching.

I started my own company to offer elite styling for decor, fashion, editorial production, and event design. Making Lustre Theory a go-to resource for those needing an unmatched, elevated and highly curated vision. Creating breathtaking, never-before-seen decor and design, with the best creative teams brought together for each client.


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The Perry Belmont House

Past workshop locations

Why we love them

Luxury in every detail!

Formerly the Perry Belmont Mansion, Perry and Jessie Belmont began construction of the mansion in 1906 when he was a Congressman and Ambassador to Spain, as well as, a leading Washington socialite. The mansion was built for the specific purpose of entertaining not only notables of Washington, but also dignitaries from all over the world. It was designed by Eugene Sanson, a famous French architect who was renowned for his use of light and space, and for his beautiful staircases. Long before the acquisition of the building by the General Grand Chapter in 1935, it was a site of elegance, gracious and grand hospitality, of distinguished diplomats, world-renowned guests and romance.

Unique access to a French designed estate property while staying local to the United States. The Perry Belmont House brings everything to the table. Beautiful architecture, ornate moldings, and luxurious spaces while being perfectly positioned in the heart of Washington D.C. With so much going for it we couldn't think of a better location for this editorial experience vision. Stepping into this experience will open the doors of inspiration and transport you to the era of royal French entertaining and décor.

Workshop Partners:

Perry Belmont wedding workshop table
Perry Belmont Wedding workshop model in couture gown




How is this workshop different from others I’ve attended or am considering?

I am a digital photographer, will this benefit me?

While the fine art process is typically used by those who shoot film the skills you will learn here will cross over to any medium of photography. The portfolio of images you will create will give you work that will set you apart from everyone else in your market and the film community.

David Abel Photography and Lustre Theory have formed a unique relationship with their editorial campaigns and fashion work. You will have the benefit of their years of photography and creative direction experience. Plus, over 35 major publications between them and a new level of fine art design and artistic vision. Giving you exclusive access to David’s knowledge and Kristin’s décor and fashion work.



How many rolls of film / type of film should I bring?

How many attendees will there be?

We recommend you bring about 18- 20 rolls of 120 film with a mixture between 800 and 400 speed, feel free to bring a digital option as well. A tripod will also be needed for shooting in low light environments and for flatlays but we will have an option available for you to use if you don't have one.

We are currently only accepting 10 attendees for this workshop.